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MyShop Update Interval

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  1. 1. Should we decrease the interval of MyShop box release to 15 days?

    • Yes
    • No

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  • Poll closed on 07/12/18 at 03:59 PM

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We have received feedback from several players regarding our latest MyShop release, saying that having 1 month interval is too much. They're suggesting MyShop Boxes to change every 15 days because of the following:

  • The economy will not be as competitive as expected
  • Prices will drop massively and will take time to recover due to the supply
  • Some people will get bored and will have no motivation to farm (population growth will be slower)

If majority agrees that MyShop boxes should change every 15 days, the current set will be replaced on July 24, 2018 instead of August 11, 2018. Poll will end on July 12, 2018 at exactly 11:59 p.m. Thank you!

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    • By momokoto
      Hello, Tricksters!
      There has been a large influx of newer players to the server (yay, welcome)! I have seen a lot of requests for previous boxes that were released,  to be re-released so that people can obtain the best gear or become the cutest Trickster on the server. 
      This is now your chance to put in your votes for what boxes you guys would like to see make a come-back! It can be anything that was released previously, this does not count for boxes that have not made an appearance in myshop. You can find previous releases in the forums  --> official discussions --> myshop polls.
      Please comment below a box you would like to see if the box hasn't been suggested yet. Please only suggest one box per forum post comment. If you see a box that you want that has already been suggested please leave a "thumbs up" on the comment, any other reaction will not be counted towards the vote. 
      There is no current date for these boxes to be released, or if all of them will make a come-back. This is just a poll to see which boxes are in the highest demand and we will try to find a place to work them in on our myshop updates! 
      Thanks everyone, have a good day ~
    • By Raymonf
      It's that time of the year month again! Oh, except you get a choice between cute and/or goth this time.
      1st Box:
      Fox Spirit's Gift Box 90/190  /  Siffleur Box 100/200
      Black and White Reflections 80/180

      2nd Box:
      Bedtime Requi Box 100/200  /  Sleepy Quiem Box 100/200
      Parfait’s Dessert Box 40/110/180/250  /  Gelatina’s Dessert Box 40/110/180/250
      You have until November 16 to vote.
    • By Raymonf
      Hello Tricksters!
      This time, we'll be doing things a little bit differently. It's the same basic poll, but we're going to be polling in pairs. Unfortunately, we'll only have about a day for players to vote. The patch should be up by the 10th.
      Here are the choices:
      1st/2nd Box:
      1.  Jan’s Bunny Box 60/120/220 AND  May’s Bunny Box 60/120/220
      Jan's Box: 
      May's Box: 
      2.   Flower Girl Rin Box 60/190 AND  Ring Bearer Ran Box 60/190
      3rd Box:
       Bard Sheep Box 60/180/240 OR  Boxer Bunny Box 60 & 180
      Bard Sheep: 
      Boxer Bunny: 
    • By Calico
      🎃👻 Hello & Happy Spooktober, Tricksters! 👻🎃
      As Halloween is just around the corner, we decided to base the poll around this holiday.
      Please help us decide what to release for the next MyShop update. This Poll will end at exactly 11:59 p.m.on October 23rd, 2018.
      The patch will be up this coming week.
      1st/2nd Box:
      1.  Incubus Box (G) 90/210 AND  Succubus Box 90/210 (includes Cross Tattoo Box 90/210)
      Incubus Box:  
      Incubus Box G: 
      Succubus Box:  
      Cross Tattoo Box: 
      2.  Ninja Noxx 70/190 AND  Nurse Nyxx 70/190
      Ninja Noxx Box: 
      Nurse Nyxx Box: 
      3rd Box:
       2010 Halloween Box 30/90/160/240 OR  Trick & Treat Girl Box 140/210
      2010 Halloween Box: 
      Trick & Treat Girl Box: 
      Thanks! Feel free to suggest your favorite boxes for the next MyShop poll. I hope you all have a spoopy day~
    • By Maple
      Hi Tricksters!
      Please help us decide which items/boxes we should release for August 24, 2018 - September 7, 2018 MyShop Update.
      Siffleur Box
      Blue Rose Box 70/170
      Kopurin Box
      Pink Rose Box 70/170
      Warrior Buffalo Box
      Boxer Bunny Box 60 & 180
      In the next update, we'll be adding 3 sets of boxes. So please choose carefully. Poll ends at exactly 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on August 21, 2018.

      Feel free to comment your suggestions for the next MyShop poll. Thanks!~