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PVP battle between Guilds

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I am here to propose a style of battle between the guilds, since at the moment we are still without stable GvG.

Battles can be made by any member of your guild as long as there are 6 members of your team to fight.

What is the purpose of this battle? To find out which guild is stronger and to also give PvP a purpose and make it active.

How do prizes work? Prizes can be given by those who challenge you.

Can I refuse to battle? Of course, your guild can decline if there are no participants or if you do not like the prize(s).

Can I challenge another guild by betting galders? Of course, if the other guild accepts, they must bet the same amount

Where will the battles be? Desert or Garden.

How will it work? 6 members of each team will enter the PvP area, have time to use buffs, and then an organizer will start the battle.


How will I know which guild won? There will be 5 rounds. After the fight starts, any member that has been defeated will not fight again for the round.

If someone ignores this rule and returns to battle, your guild must lose the battle and therefore lose.


I hope you have understood, I made this topic because I really like PvP and I think there are more people like me who like to fight.

If I wrote something wrong, or you have any suggestions about this, comment below.



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