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Making a Wiz.

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Soooo....in the original TO I played as a racoon pure HP haha...and well I was always jealous of the magic types. They can Plvl themselves and their other characters or whatever and looked pretty fun to play. But I wasn't able to make a magic type before the servers closed down. SO I plan to make a light wiz this time around

So any build suggestions? Where I should grind to hit 400 asap haha.

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Joke's on you, plvling is garbage here. :halo: 
Sorry you won't be able to enjoy the plvling orgasmic benefits of an AoE mage, but it is still quite easy to get lvl 400. Do all your quests (exp for them is boosted), and do all the mine PQs with a full party, and you will be well on your way there.

Edit: I do wanna add if you want to make money, go to path to caballa relics and activate mind's eye. It doesn't give that much exp, but it is a great way to make money and I've gotten from level 280-350 on my sheep grinding for money there. Again, a lengthier process, but kills two birds with one stone.

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