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Choppy - 2017/7/25

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Punishment: Mute

Duration: 24h

Report Content:


Choppy(normal):hey girl that you ?
Choppy(normal):the blck barbie catfishing people was a white girl
Choppy(normal):i dont approach gays 
Choppy(normal):didnt ask 
Choppy(normal):we get it girl i got small titties
Choppy(normal):im clara btw
Choppy(normal):is he still looking for faggot egirls
Choppy(normal):heard rina killed herself hope thats true
Choppy(normal):oh maybe its keli
Choppy(normal):Oh u think one of them is ana too
Choppy(normal):hey girly
Choppy(normal):no its holly
Choppy(normal):no its vicksy
Choppy(normal):hey avril
Choppy(normal):imagine being asian
Choppy(normal):but also being fat
Choppy(normal):and having a sister
Choppy(normal):thats ugly and asian and fat
Choppy(normal):as well
Choppy(normal):myha q despystada es
Choppy(normal):hey faggot shanny how come you pvp here and not on rto
Choppy(normal):myh4 3y4s kr33n k s0/|/ pro

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