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Patch Notes [2018-04-16]

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Hello Tricksters! We're applying the first wave of minor updates. Many thanks to the people who have helped us to test and document all the problems they've encountered. Please see the applied updates below:

1. Applied the new level up rewards
We'll be applying the rewards for 201-400 by the next update. :kidding:

2. Complete Aria's Exchange List (Megalopolis Town)

3. Implemented the Driller Boy & Girl Quest (Miranda Watty at the center of Megalopolis Town)

4. Boss Room Broomsticks are now available as Event Reward (GM_Ssi in Megalopolis Shop)

5. Egg Shop is now available but only inner wear are available now (Leonardo in Megalopolis Shop)
Please see the official suggestion thread

6. Improved MyShop prices have been applied

7. Removal of the capes from the event reward

8. Transformed Rosemary into Eclipse and removed the Rosalyn and Lord Lycan Boxes from the list

9. Fixed all the invisible items reported here: 

Hawaiian Irina and the Korean speaking pets haven't been fixed yet.

10. Stole the Chronos Slayer aura and applied it to Spicy Dragon set

11. Fixed the client-side glitch when advancing to 2nd job (quest will now require the class badge)


All players will receive 200 pcs. of Daily Coupons, Bonus Eggs, and GM Gift Certificate to help us test certain updates in the future.

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    • By Raymonf
      Hello Tricksters! We've released a small patch today.
      Minor Changes:
      Updated login background Changed login background music Thanks for your continued support!
    • By Sky
      Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance has ended at 10:30 PM. Many thanks to the people who have reported the problems they've encountered. Please see the applied updates below: 

      Skill Changes: (the result of the poll is mixed)
      Magical Soul's (aka bubble) casting time reduced to 1 second from 3 seconds (in eTO it was 0.4 sec.) and cooldown to 5 seconds. Major Changes:
      Removal of Lower Colosseum. Added a level requirement, you must be level 35 and above to enter.

      Removed the other maps. Adjusted the entrance fees.

        Ice Dungeon monsters are now dropping Lv. 200 compound stones instead of Lv. 185. Minor Changes:
      Added warp to Platonia from the Gate of Abyss. Added warp to Gate of Abyss in PPD. Added Warehouse and Bank NPC in Event Garden - Ceremonia.
      Bug Fixes:
      Suspect 1: Eliza Bath Story quest is now fixed. (but she's speaking Korean in the meantime) Mingo in Tapasco Spa has learned English. (Thanks, Tarae) Level 320 Reward has been changed to Refine Card 96. (Refine Card 100 doesn't exist, all players who have passed Lv. 320 will get the refine cards) 

      Updated it in our website as well. All unique quest items (such as earrings, pendant, eyepatch, and etc.) are now untradeable in the marketplace. (they're not supposed to be tradeable) Notes:
      We'll add the next event and new login screen by the next maintenance. New MyShop Boxes' original schedule will be followed. We'll stop modifying skills in the meantime. We'll wait until we finish hosting a tournament and see how it goes in a competitive PvP scene. 
    • By Sky
      Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance has ended at 1am. Many thanks to the people who have reported the problems they've encountered. Please see the applied updates below: 

      MyShop Changes:
      Added Legendary Anvil (for those who keeps failing +9 to +10) Minor Changes:
      Moved Item Girl in Coral Town back to Coral Shop. Great Trickster items are now hidden from selling. Reported impersonators have had their names changed. The names can be changed again upon request. We've used placeholder names (Sunshine/Sunflower). Dimensional Key can no longer be moved or sold on the Item Manager. You can no longer put stacks larger than 5,000 in the Item Manager. Skill Changes:
      Increased Magical Soul's (aka bubble) casting time to 3 seconds and cooldown to 10 seconds. Bug Fixes:
      Spicy Egg can now be drilled at the Gate of Tapasco Volcano. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
      We are supposed to update the fashions but I forgot how I was able to fix this bug last June. 
      We'll probably stop spending time on this to focus on more important updates. Who knows, I may be able to figure it out suddenly when I'm not thinking about it.

      Once we figure it out, all MyShop fashion will be sold per set for 7,100 MyShop Points. So buy them while they're still cheaper. The reason for applying this is to prepare our server for the custom fashions. It will be very cluttered if we'll be keeping the existing format. 

      (items cannot be bought)
    • By Sky
      Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance will end at 1:30 AM. Many thanks to the people who have reported the problems they've encountered. Please see the applied updates below: 

      MyShop Updates:
      Web Changes:
      Updated our website and forum's logo to something that's more Trickster-ish! Thanks, @Alioran! Minor Changes:
      Fiesta Ticket can now be drilled in most maps. Bug Fixes:
      Tapasco Spa depth bug has been fixed Neil's Camp and Golden Ash Mine very dark glitch has been fixed MyShop pets have been replaced with their E1 equivalents. -------------------------------------
      We are supposed to add new fashion sets for all classes but we didn't had enough time to test and translate the item descriptions. So, for the next maintenance, please expect all the missing fashion sets in eTO to be added in LifeTO + a new custom set for Librarian (made by @Catty).
    • By Sky
      Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance has ended early at exactly 1 AM. Many thanks to the people who have reported the problems they've encountered. Please see the applied updates below: 

      Summer Event 2018:
      MyShop Updates:
      Magician Dragon, Pangya, and Sylvia Boxes are going to be available until July 24, 2018 only. Add all the Compound Magic Stones 305  ~ 395. See sample below:

        Added the following items:

      New Feature:
      Added Adamantite and Alexandrite compounding option in Tapasco Mine. Please talk to Blacksmith Marx.
      Adamantite: 20x Scolecite Fragment, 20x Impure Scolecite, 20x Pure Scolecite, 20x Scolecite, and 200,000 G.
      Alexandrite: 20x Chrysocolla Fragment, 20x Chrysocolla Gem, 20x Flawless Chrysocolla, 20x Chrysocolla, and 200,000 G. Minor Changes:
      Renamed Pochi to Popo Renamed Pink Chipmunk to Yamu Renamed Green Chipmunk to Queen Yamu Bug Fixes:
      Fixed Golden Ash (Techichi) Party Quest's Teleportation Option Removed Torture for Morons 1 & 2 and  Patience for Morons 1 & 2 from the monster drop Fixed Kaboom's badge drop and some NPC messages related to 2nd job advancement quest Another attempt to fix Tapasco Mine Party Quest's monster spawn Known Issues:
      Some NPCs in Tapasco Spa still speak Korean Scolecite and its counterpart in Tap Mine 2 cannot be obtained in-game. -------------------------------------
      The next MyShop poll will commence soon...