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Making Worn & Old map treasure hunting more fun "part.2"

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I admit i love the galders poppin out of the chest(specially in techi and taps where they give 10k coins)

But besides that 

And beside the food part..

Yey you got nikarium fragment which you can use to make a nikarium..

Yey got some chaos feathers also..

Buuut.. how about the lonely "black elixer fragment"(10% minimum) and "anvil stone"(4% refine 0-8) that you can only get with old maps ??  Take note you have to do 50 worn-out maps before you can do the old maps and once you can do them they are only limited "once" per day

I hope im not asking to much but can we give them value like the one with nikarium fragment ?

Like make a compounder or exchange npc(preferably an exchange cuz you only get them in Old maps) 

that can trade 

x3 black elixer fragment(10% * 3)  = pink elixer (25%)


x5 anvil stones(4%*5, 0-8) = Gods anvil(25%,0-9) <<instead of 0-8 or stick with 8 if you think its imbalance

Players may think its a lot of trouble just to get those, but hey.. you gonna work if want free stuff instead of buying from myshop XD

Just throwing ideas hehe

 thanks for hearing the 1st one sky (^^,)


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Thanks for bumping this! Reading again... 

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Thx for taking the time to read this 😊 but you already did something with elixer ( e.g reina event) which is nice,

soo its okay if this is last priority 

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