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I am currently looking to purchase two character names that are currently taken, those in question being "Niko" and "Jade". If the leaderboard is anything to go by, both of these characters are below level 30, and are most likely currently inactive and unused. As such, I see no harm in looking to purchase these names. I'm willing to offer a minimum of 100m for either name, and can go higher if need be. I can also offer a different name in exchange for one of the ones I'm asking for. Currently, I can offer the names Singha, Peridot, Rodonite, or Turquoise in exchange.

If you currently own one of these two names or know who does, please do send me a message, be it here, or through Discord (you can find me there through the community server, where I use the same name as I do here).

In accordance to the rules on Character Trading, I am not looking to purchase access to these currently existing characters, but rather, I am looking to pay whoever currently owns them to delete their character so that I may create a new character with that name under my own account. I discussed this with Raymonf prior to posting, and have been told it's fine to do so.

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