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More Viable Racoon Builds

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Well, one of the few things I've always been dissapointed with. Is that some builds are just way too mainstream. To tackle that problem, the first suggestion I have is a Tank Racoon build.
Fret not, I don't have any hopes that it will out-damage example HV Racoons by any means. I just want DP and HP to have more scaling options in more skills.

By no means do I refer a Tank Raccoon as a full HP Raccoon. I really mean more toward HP+DP+MD+Resists optionally.
As per PvE and PVP, putting full HP does not make one a tank. Since it by no means will be reducing the enemy damage done to you.

For starters, what we currently have as skills that are viable for a Tank Raccoon are the following: (Actively Damage)

  • Impelling Rage
  • Metamorphosis
  • Siren Song (Hybrid)
  • Heavy Hit (Metamorphosis - Pure)
  • Power Charging (Pure)

Let's start with Impelling Rage
- It only scales with HP. For this skill to do an viable damage, you would have to put all points in HP and compound HP.
- Current Formula: Current HP × Modifier Pattern
- Suggestive Formula: ((Current HP x 0.75) x Modifier Pattern) x DP Modifier
Insight: Now to basicly make this skill more viable for DP builders whilst not making it overpowered for HP Builders that still has increased DP. We would have to decrease the HP scale, and offset it with DP modifier making it so they would hit about the same when not building any DP other from items giving it and refining shield.
The formula should have a decent DP modifier and that way the skill would be more viable for tanks even though it's not going to hit as much as Pure HP builders. I won't give a DP modifier numbers since I haven't really thought about a balanced number.

- There are many problems with this, first, the duration and the cooldown. The stats it gives are completely fine. However this skill unreliable for PvP and PvE, you see nobody who would really use it same for cats. The reason is that you can't really have it active when you really want to.
Suggestive Change: Decrease the cooldown down to 10 seconds. (The cooldown doesn't start before it is actually deactivated. The skill still drains MP and decreases some other stats and those alone should be enough.

Siren Song
There aren't really much to talk about here, it scales both HP and DP, though maybe a bit too strong even for people who build pure HP. So perhaps, it might be wiser to shift some of the HP modifier over to DP including MD.

Heavy Hit
- So this one is kinda obvious, nobody uses metamorphosis, so why would they use this.
Current Formula: [(Current HP ÷ 8 + AP] × Power
Suggestive Change: [(Current HP ÷ 5 + {AP + (DP x 2)}] × Power

Power Charging
- I have no suggestions for this, nor do I really think it should be changed.

Wild Nail
- This skill is usually only used by HV+AP Cats in particular. And it's not very popular nor is it really viable to use due to metamorphosis being restricted of usage.
Current Formula: HV × 16 × m
Suggestive Formula: [HV × 16] or [(DP + MD) x 1.5] × m     (The idea here needs source-coding, making the game choose HV or DP+MD whichever is the highest, but only one of them)



For now this is what I can gather up, I won't say I spent that much time calculating potential DMG of the new formulas, but I doubt they would be any higher than any Pure HP dmg skills with appropriate builds.

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After talking to the admin, it would seem they don't really have access to change formula, but duration and cooldown does work.

So the least change that won't really hurt, would be to 

Reduce cooldown of Evolution & Metamorphosis to 5-10 seconds. Since it would only be down for 5-10 seconds before it could be used again after canceling.

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I actually think zero CD is best since it's both a buff and debuff at the same time.


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