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If your game wont start windows 10


I'm back baybeee but my client is broken, It's the same error you get from not running it as an admin but I am running it as an admin so i dunno what to dimma do.


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Problem solved Loser, why dont you just git good, lmao rekt?

<insert tutorial to bypass windows poop defender for windows 10>

First you're gonna wanna open your lil search bar and start typing windows defender


Then yuh gotta click this kid


When this junk pops up click "Virus & threat protection", then in that screen click "Virus & threat protection settings"


Good job makin' it this far pal, now You gotta scroll down in the new window thing till you see "Add or remove exclusions" click that tasty morsel


That's gonna open up this baby, another window thing, click "Add an exclusion", then click "Folder" 'cause windows thinks a couple files in here are viruses


Your path should look somewhat similar to this (or wherever you extracted Trickster I dunno man), when you get here click the LifeTO folder, then Select Folder


Now you can go ahead and close everything you had to open to get here, and relaunch your Splash.exe (make sure it's set to run as admin as it always should)

Just click Check Files and when it's done you'll finally have the files that windows defender kept  c o n s u m i n g. Good job cya.

Thanks for finding out how to do it yourself noob what a loser lmao.(mark solved)


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I'm happy that you were able to solve the problem. I will be closing this thread.

If you have anymore issues feel free to make a new thread.

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