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pure LK, or DA for my fox?

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Alright, I am planning on starting a 1144 fox alt, because I am sick and tired of the game's stupidly low chance of getting ANY good stats with mature compounding, and well me failing when it comes to drilling.  Not really their fault, because my duke, and diva(yeah, I decided to make both, and I am the creator of the duke/diva guide) and my bunny all have only 1 in sense, placed the 4 stats in power for dukes/divas, cause without elemental attribute compounding, which is not what they should focus on when it comes to compounding in the first place, the normal attacks would be pathetically weak otherwise, which would suck for early levelling before I get my 2 aoes, and during downtime when my AOE's are on cooldown, plus it makes my bossing skills weaker since it scales off AP, champ cause that just makes them more durable, though luck determines flaming fist accuracy, I will worry about that issue when I come to it, and see how much I can hit with that skill, with weight pouches being in the myshop that could be purchased with ingame galder, it is not like I need sense for weight.  Still, the DA loss, and the horrible RNG that is associated with mature compounding is EXTREMELY annoying, so I decided to give up, and make a fox alt focused on mature compounding mainly, and drilling quest items for my other alts, mailing them to alts on my main account, and dual client trading with alts on my other account. 


The problem comes with deciding the stats of my fox, I am stuck between pure LK, or pure DA, supposedly, a fox's damage is based on DA, DA is of course used for drilling, and compounding success rate is determined by DA, though 90 DA is pretty much the ballpark where raising DA does not matter anymore when it comes to drilling, so I lose a lot of utility from this stat after that point, LK on the other hand is mainly there for my to reduce the RNG associated with mature compounding, and give me better results, because that is what this fox is there for in the first place, so my alts can give their gear, and the mature compounding mats, and my fox works her magic, and gives them much better mature compounding gear than they would have gotten by themselves, along with mailing drilled quest items if the quest is too annoying for the other characters, and there are skills for the class based on mature compounding that is influenced by luck when I looked it up on the wiki, also block probability, and crit rate of course, but I always ignored them.  I guess the main thing I am trying to decide between is higher DA for more damage, and they are better at drilling early on or higher LK for better mature compounding.  I am legitimately stumped on what I should do with my 1144 fox, can you guys help me out? I know that I can get elixers to improve mature compounding chances, but still, XD.

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