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Crochet Projects

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I started learning how to crochet a couple months ago and found most beginner stuff boring to make.

That is until I realized I could make plushies... trickster themed plushies! HYPE 😍

Here's what I've made so far:

Chibi Sleepy Torobbie

Crochet Torobbie 6.jpgCrochet Torobbie 7.jpgCrochet Torobbie 8.jpg

Normal Sized Torobbie


Derpy Kawaii Bad Fury

Bad Fury 3.jpgBad Fury 4.jpgBad Fury 5.jpg

Torobbie x Bad Fury ❤️


Sleepy Chubby Blue Penguin


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Oh my lord that's so precious!! Great job! 😍

I don't have the patience needed for crocheting or knitting. I used to do it, but I get antsy and frustrated, so major kudos!

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@Poppy Thank you!! I find using a stitch marker and keeping track of which row I'm on helps immensely! Or I'm just too noob to do it without assistance XD

I get distracted easily so it helps me go back to my piece without completely losing track, all I have to do is just recount the stitches :3

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