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Stats Scrolls Are They Really Needed?

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Hello all, i was thinking if Stats Scrolls could be removed from the game.. Here is Why:

1- In late game PvP most people use them to get an edge over some stats, but what that creates is a mandatory situation that 

everyone have to buy them too if they want to start ''from the same place or baseline'' (regarding stats).  And This is a lot when

considering stats like LK, HV and AC (and they also stack with each other) lol .

2- Im not sure the Non PvP applications for the scrolls (maybe leveling up? idk who would do that) , and Nami i think

uses them to farm PD. So would it really be that bad to remove them?

In my opinion forcing players to get something from Myshop to get an Edge over others is bad for the game. Also

if everyone uses them = noone using them 🙂 , so why not remove them and save us My Shop points lol 


What do you all think? 

Thanks 😆 

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Almost everyone uses them for compounding, 4 of the scrolls give a LK boost, that'd be a huge blow to mature compounding in general. They're also relatively cheap at 10k galders per scroll, for 5 minutes of a boost, which anyone who spends 10 minutes at PD could afford hours of scrolls.

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