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Global Drops

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EDIT: Misread the guildlines - I thought it said to put the suggestions in a list, so I threw them all in one thread stupidly. I'm very sorry! I'll fix this mistake tomorrow and make a thread for each suggestion, for now I'm turning this into a single suggestion:

I suggest new and unique drops from monsters depending on the fields they're located. Sort of how the gacha system had items based on the field, I think each location should have their own interesting drops (very) rarely. Kind of how the Absolute Uniques were (where any mob had a small chance of dropping an item) It would increase the motivation to kill mobs on fields, and add use for places otherwise unused for other reasons than just farming for quest items. Think of how barren and unused places like rose garden, snow fields, and ghost blue are. The drop could be anything, for example; gacha boxes, random fuses, evenb boss boxes based on the locations, anything would be amazing to see! Something to add more notable features to the game and reason to use these locations! Also another fun location would be the Fiesta fields. Fiesta is currently unused, and if they had a chance to drop neat items it might show and add some livelihood to it.~


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