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Permanent shopping list, always buying these items.

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this list of items I will always be looking to buy. There is only 1 thing that I want to buy  once and that's the name Indra. Whoever has the name please pm DemonKingIndra#1767 on discord please and thank you.

1. Card quest cards.

For the images



For the location

For the price


Megalopolis Card Girl Quest-100kea card
Relics Card Girl Quest-100k ea card
Phantom School Card Girl Quest- 120k ea card Daze=200kea card
Mermaid Palace Card Girl Quest- 100k ea card
Ghost Blue Card Girl Quest-150k ea card -Nora Mummy 50kea card
Rose Garden Card Girl Quest- 200k ea card
Black Swamp Card Girl Quest- 200k ea card
Snow Hill Card Girl Quest- 300k ea card


2. Daily quest

For image



For location


For price


Sleeping Socks-100k ea
Shtella's Profile-100k ea
Staff of Purification-200kea
Executioner's Gills-100k ea
Stela's Profile-200k ea
Beast Vincento's Claws-100k ea
Icicler's Crystal-100k ea
HP Recovery Potion- 200k ea


3. Arcana cards
For image



For price



Dream-purple- 75k each

Love-orange- 100k each

Thats it for now, Happy hunting!

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1 hour ago, diegoalonsox said:

Hello man, what is ur discord?

i'm trying to find you



should be there I also added my  discord number next to the name

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