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suggestions to raise more players and bring back active players,

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hello today I come bring more ideas to bring the game back active, let's start


before starting I will leave a topic, with my ideas if you want to share or comment to help,



let's start

1°Eclipse Gacha Fashion / Exchanges in NPC

that such agent remove the Eclipse Gacha Fashion, and use it as an NPC trading event, which would give many different events each month, and let the Daily Diary routine that the only thing to gain is to enter and speak What are you doing ? and sending a photo? this will not help players stay online again,




2° Bring back battles in PVP

How about putting the active PVP!
As ?

putting the spicy boss in the garden put the Spicy appear every 1 or 2 hours to appear inside the pvp this will bring back the players lv 400 back active, motivating to get the teams of the bosses and gathering their guild to duel with other Clans, this will make the level 400 players return to play, since many stop because they did not have PVP because they reached their maximum goal on the server, thus increasing Spicy's endurance status.

Resultado de imagem para spicy dragon trickster                         we can add in each of the spicy boxes 60% drop every 1                 image.png.badf25343985ae12a15c692a9e3b58cc.png


3° Time for you to start earning ADM

 we see that your job is hard Sky, it's time for you to profit from it,
SKY - how can I do this?
placing an ad on the control panel and Vip
How will the VIP work?
the vip serar within the control panel every month will be charged a fee for players who want to sell their items through the dashboard, this will help players lucar with MS or coins,

we also see that the exchange of Bals is very devalued, I know it is a donation, but it is time for you to increase the exchange rate so that players can donate by making a profit with the return of the bals,

4° Sale of boxer driller boy and girl


It's time to put the bandage on the boxer and the girl, bring a great cormecio to those who do the daily coupon quest,

5° Drop Chronos Chard  in PVP

Resultado de imagem para cronos trickster

as well as the spicy, we can put the chronos in the Core Duel arena to appear in the interval of every 2 or 3 hours that will still move the PVP, but increasing the resistance of the cronos to the battle to last longer.


this is one of my ideas, I will post more when there is some feedback from the Administrator, leave your Like and your comment, it will be very important to see your opinion, thank you

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  1. Yes i agree that the daily diary thing is a bit strange, but I think it is a nice way of getting the community to post what they are doing and get a reward out of it. I think they should keep it and not remove it because it does have some value, it's free and takes no time so why not? 
  2. I really like the PVP battle. it would be like a raid type thing where guilds can either help each other out or deny other guilds from getting the reward from killing the boss. The boss should drop something different than it's unique. I'm not sure what, maybe some gold tempering gems or something but enough to make players fight over it. You can encourage PVP this way
  3. I think that implementing this is too similar to RTO tbh and not the direction they should take, but it looks like you removed this
  4. Yes i agree 100% to be able to pay for a driller boy, i hate the daily coupons. If you take a break for a few months and come back you cant drill unless you make sure you leave with 50 coupons and it's annoying. They said they don't have paid driller boy because they don't want the server to become like RTO - but it already is. People have 6 different alts that they drill with and will make sure those alts are doing dailies and thus maintaining an infinite driller boy, so the point doesn't even make sense. You may as well let people pay for it because people here do the exact same tactic that they use to make money in RTO.
  5. I like the chronos idea too. 

I hope sky looks at these, there are good ideas here.

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