Hello, Tricksters!

This 2019, our goal for LifeTO is to expand and strengthen the community that we love. To do so, we are currently working on extended on reach via YouTube and Twitch. And for that, we need YOUR help! We are now looking for people skilled in various aspects of the game. We're looking for players who proficient in the following: Skilled players of each class Proper routing for boss hunting Proper routing for leveling through various zones. Be it you know one area well, or all of them! Raising Guardians PVP Tips and Techniques We are looking for people with the know-how in these areas and more to make guides and such on the official LifeTO YouTube channel!
Don't worry if you don't have a proper recording setup; we can help you out if you don't!

Let's talk about the rewards. Contributors will receive the following: Community Contributor title in the forum Limited edition Content Creator title in-game (you'll get an item that allows you to use this title) Per content (1 video), a player will receive 50 Bonus Eggs, Driller Girl (15D), and a Flicker Drill Players with more than 5 contents will get 3 of previously released box of their choice Players with more than 15 contents will get 1 Chronos Shard

How to join? Comment your Discord and what content you wish to contribute. We'll add you to a private Discord group where all content creators are collaborating. The content creation team is led by Austin#1234 and Celest#7755.