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Add myshop level sets as level rewards

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I have seen many new players who ask the question, "where do I get gear"? While this question could be answered in a guide (unfortunately, I do not have the time to write one on this topic at the moment), many players have differing levels of experience when it comes to playing Trickster. Because of this, there is a discrepancy in knowledge between those who know  an "optimal" path to gearing up and those who do not (i.e. experienced players may be more inclined to save their money and use questing sets to push through by grinding levels, whereas new players may have a hard time leveling with said quest sets). I propose that a few Myshop sets be included into the current leveling rewards (one before 3rd job, and one after 3rd job?). These sets could go a long way to making players feel more comfortable, allow them to gain some sort of progression in the game, and not quit the game prematurely or "give up" due to the fact they are unable to "get gear". This would ultimately help new players ease through leveling. 

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