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Beach Town - Paradise: Re Conversation with NPC cancelled

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Hi, I encountered an issue where when I go to try and accept the quest from Vegabond Eloy in Beach Town - Paradise, a message pops up saying "Conversation with NPC cancelled". This happens as soon as I click "Sure I'll be back". Hope to receive a response soon re this as I sadly cannot do the quest.

Update: This also happens when I try to accept Miranda Watty's request and Skipper Min's request at Beach Town - Paradise. I was thinking that the reason could be because I have yet to complete other quests in Beach Town - Paradise prior to doing theirs but I could be wrong.

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Trickster has a pretty low quest log limit. I believe it's something like 5 or 6 quests. If you're getting "Conversation with NPC cancelled" it's likely you have hit this limit and need to complete or drop your other quests in your quest log before you can pick up other ones.

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