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Caballa Island Cosplay

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Hello, Tricksters! 

We will be hosting Life Trickster Online's first ever Cosplay Contest! The goal is to create outfits in-game that resemble any NPC on Caballa Island. 

Registration for the event ends May 11, 2019.


Each account may submit one look below. The submission must be an official screenshot, with the LifeTO timestamp at the bottom right corner (similar to dear diary rules). The players must own the items they are wearing (no myshop trials). Any copying of other submissions is not permitted, and will result in a disqualification. 

After the registration date, members of the community will vote for their favourite outfit with a thumbs up. No other reaction will count as a vote towards the submission. Voting will take place over a week to allow everyone a chance to vote. Players may vote on as many submissions as they would like to!

There will be prizes for the top five submissions!


  • First Place - 15 Gold Tempering Gemstones, 1 Chronos Shard, 30 Bonus Eggs, 30 GM Certificates, a choice of either : 5 Tin Tiger Box (type of your choice) or 5 Sleepy Quiem Boxes
  • Second Place -  5 Gold Tempering Gemstones, 20 Bonus Eggs, 20 GM Certificates, a choice of either : 3 Tin Tiger Box (type of your choice) or 3 Sleepy Quiem Boxes
  • Third Place -  5 Gold Tempering Gemstones, 15 Bonus Eggs, 15 GM Certificates, a choice of either : 1 Tin Tiger Box (type of your choice) or 1 Sleepy Quiem Boxes
  • Fourth Place - 3 Black Elixirs, 3 White Elixirs, 5 Bonus Eggs, 5 GM Certificates
  • Fifth Place -  3 Black Elixirs, 3 White Elixirs


Any amount of harassment between individuals are not tolerated and will result in an automatic mute or ban, whether this is on the LifeTO server, Discord, or any other platform. 

New accounts made day of the event and after event posting will not be allowed to participate in voting, and will result in deletion of their vote.

Please do not vote manipulate, all suspicious and new accounts that are used to manipulate votes will be banned and deleted. 


To register, please comment your entry by following the format below:


Entry Number:

Name of NPC (that you chose):

(Optional) Photo of the NPC you are cosplaying:



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Name: BobaTea

Entry Number: 1

Name of NPC: Bunny Maid



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Name: Kumomo

Entry Number: 2

Name of NPC: Card Girl


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Name: Cheo

Entry Number: 4

Name of NPC: Pastor Tau


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  • Bren (raccoon)
  • AkashaH  (cat)
  • Dazzle (dragon)
  • Aerithz  (sheep)
  • Lanaya  (fox)

Entry Number: 5

Name of NPC: ???





Edited by momokoto
For this purpose, we will go with his first submission, Master Leviathan, for voting.
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Name: Butters

Entry No. 6

NPC: Frog Shaman

froggy hat + being a magician = frog shaman CLOSE ENOUGH


Edited by StanMarshDarsh
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