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Soul Master VS Witch

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Hi guys! I'd like to keep this short so I'll just jump right into it. :D

I've made a 1441 Water/Elec Sheep. I've had no problems with it - the balance is quite nice with Water's single-target and Electric's AoE skills. I've always pegged this Sheep to be a Light Witch, but I realized that with Staff of Thunder, I might have a better time with farming and bossing (not to mention going Soul Master will give me two debuffs in the form of Undine's Garden and Shard). That being said, I was then sold on going Soul Master before I realized that I'm gonna have to pump some serious HP and DP given that I chose to go for 1441 instead of 1432 (I can't deal with 1423 because of the low WT and LK).

So I've come to consult y'all: which do you think would be better for my case - a Soul Master or a Light Witch? I'm going to use my Sheep mostly for farming and bossing.

Thanks to all who will put in their two cents!

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