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Gacha Town SP Tapasco boxes

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Edited this post because some of the items i suggested before were already implemented, but there are a lot of gacha items from tapasco missing.

Tapasco Box I 

Neptune_Crown.gif Neptune Crown
Sun_Hammer.gif Sun Hammer
Uranus_Staff.gif Uranus Staff
Saturn_Shield_(Gacha).gif Saturn Shield
Earth_Charm.gif Earth Charm
Mercury_Goggles.gif Mercury Googles

Amelie_the_Fallen.gif Amelie the Fallen
Roan_the_Redeemed.gif Roan the Redeemed

Wedding_Hair_Pin.gif Wedding Hair Pin
Matrimony_Protector.gif Matrimony Protector
Matrimony_Defender.gif Matrimony Defender
Vest_of_the_Heart.gif Vest of the Heart
Matrimony_Cape.gif Matrimony Cape
Groom_Blood.gif Groom Blood
Bride_Bunny_Maid.gif Bride Bunny Maid

Happy_Wedding_Sword.gif Happy Wedding Sword
Happy_Wedding_Hairband.gif Happy Wedding Hairbaind
Happy_Wedding_Shield.gif Happy Wedding Shield
Happy_Wedding_Staff.gif Happy Wedding Staff
Happy_Wedding_Cloak.gif Happy Wedding Cloak
Happy_Wedding_Glasses.gif Happy Wedding Glasses
Bride_Kyu.gif Bride Kyu
Groom_Vinosh.gif Groom Vinosh


Tapasco Box II

Star_Cape.gif Star Cape
Hawaiian_Shirt.gif Hawaiian Shirt
Fishing_Rod.gif Fishing Rod
Inflatable_Boat_Shield.gif Inflatable Boat Shield
Toy_Water_Gun.gif Toy Water Gun
Swirly_Popsicle.gif Swirly Popsicle
Red_Frame_Sunglasses.gif Red Frame Sunglasses
Ray_on_Vacation.gif Ray on Vacation
Rebecca_on_Vacation.gif Rebecca on Vacation

Osteo_Sword.gif Osteo Sword
Osteo_Rod.gif Osteo Rod
Kerberos_Shield.gif Kerberos Shield
Spirit_Head.gif Spirit Head
Yukata_Rachel.gif Yukata Rachel
Yukata_Leonardo.gif Yukata Leonardo

Summer_Maid_Hairband.gif Summer Maid Hairband
Summer_Dolphin_Gun.gif Summer Dolphin Gun
Summer_Turtle_Shield.gif Summer Turtle Shield
Summer_Marine_Cape.gif Summer Marine Cape
Summer_Ocean_Bottle.gif Summer Ocean Bottle
Bikini_Mint.gif Bikini Mint
Bikini_Bunny_Maid.gif Bikini Bunny Maid


Tapasco Box III

Christmas_2011_Staff.gif Christmas 2011 Staff
Christmas_2011_Blade.gif Christmas 2011 Blade
Christmas_2011_Hat.gif  Christmas 2011 Hat
Christmas_2011_Gun.gif Christmas 2011 Gun
Christmas_2011_Shield.gif Christmas 2011 Shield
Christmas_2011_Cloak.gif Christmas 2011 Cloak
Christmas_Alicia.gif Christmas Alicia
Christmas_Thomas.gif Christmas Thomas

Rudolph_Band.gif Rudolph Band
Tree_Shield.gif Tree Shield
Candy_Sword.gif Candy Sword
Tree_Cape.gif Tree Cape
Santa_Curea.gif Santa Curea 
Santa_Knight.gif Santa Knight
Tree_Mask.gif Tree Mask

Santa_Karu_Hat.gif Santa Karu Hat
Bejeweled_Staff.gif Bejeweled Staff
Bejeweled_Shield.gif Bejeweled Shield
Ruby_Red_Cape.gif Ruby Red Cape
Bejeweled_Bow_Gun.gif Bejeweled Gun
Santa_Mint.gif Santa Mint
Santa_Dorothy.gif Santa Dorothy



Tapasco Box IV

Apprentice_Witch_Pepe_Hat.gif Apprentice Witch Pepe Hat 240
Little_Devil_Neal_Sword.gif Little Devil Neal Sword 240
Little_Devil_Neal_Crossbow.gif Little Devil Neal Crossbow 240
Apprentice_Witch_Pepe_Shield.gif Apprentice Witch Pepe Shield 240
Apprentice_Witch_Pepe_Cape.gif Apprentice Witch Pepe Cape 240
Apprentice_Witch_Pepe.gif Apprentice Witch Pepe 240
Little_Devil_Neal.gif Little Devil Neal 240

Aspect_of_the_Lycan.gif Aspect of the Lycan 120
Lycan_Hunting_Rifle.gif Lycan Hunting Rifle 120
Lycan's_Claw.gif Lycan's Claw 120
The_Wolf_Moon.gif The Wolf Moon 120
Lycan_Claw_Chain.gif Lycan Claw Chain 120
Lycan_Mantle.gif Lycan Mantle 120
Lord_Lycan.gif Lord Lycan 120

Aspect_of_the_Lycan.gif Aspect of the Lycan 240
Lycan_Hunting_Rifle.gif Lycan Hunting Rifle 240
Lycan's_Claw.gif Lycan's Claw 240
The_Wolf_Moon.gif The Wolf Moon 240
Lycan_Claw_Chain.gif Lycan Claw Chain 240
Lycan_Mantle.gif Lycan Mantle 240
Lord_Lycan.gif Lord Lycan 240



Tapasco Box V

Angelic Hat
Angelic_Shield.gif Angelic Shield
Angelic_Baton.gif Angelic Baton
Angelic_Gun.gif Angelic Gun
Angelic_Sword.gif Angelic Sword
Angelic_Robe.gif Angelic Robe
Santa_Esther.gif Santa Esther
Santa_Rose_Fairy.gif Santa Rose Fairy

Santa_Vinosh's_Santa_Hat.gif Santa Vinosh's Santa Hat
Santa_Sephiria's_Staff.gif Santa Sephiria's Staff
Santa_Sephiria's_Candelabrum.gif Santa Sephiria's Candelabrum
Santa_Vinosh's_Cloak.gif Santa Vinosh's Cloak
Santa_Vinosh's_Shield.gif Santa Vinosh's Shield
Santa_Vinosh.gif Santa Vinosh
Santa_Sephiria.gif Santa Sephiria

Christmas_Santa_Hat.gif Christmas Santa Hat
Christmas_Tree_Cape.gif Christmas Tree Cape
Christmas_Belt_Pouch.gif Christmas Belt Pouch
 Christmas_Poinsettia_Shield.gif Christmas Poinsettia Shield
Christmas_Holy_Scythe.gif Christmas Holy Scythe
Christmas_Holy_Staff.gif Christmas Holy Staff
Christmas_Champagne_Gun.gif Christmas Champagne Gun
Young_Butler.gif Young Butler
Young_Martha.gif Young Martha

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Wow, thanks for making my life easy! :kidding:

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